Roomy Cat Yurt

I live with a very long cat who doesn’t fit into the cave built into his cat tree because he is relatively long and slightly overweight. At the same time, I wanted to make something using t-shirt yarn, just because. So… I made a roomy cat yurt, and he walks into it multiple times a day!

the kitty likes it!

[Download PDF version.]

This project is incredibly simple and easy to execute. It is an exercise in patience and planning, not skill. Unlike the other two patterns I’ve written, the important part to pay attention to is your gauge (pull tight!) and make sure you buy enough materials.



Instructions below use American crochet terminology and abbreviations. When the pattern says sc2tog, it means sc2tog, not invdec.

This next bit forms the opening and is effectively worked in rows. On odd-numbered rows, your hand/hook will be on the inside of the piece instead of on the outside.

At this point, the cave is probably not standing upright, like in the picture blow. That’ll be rectified at the very end, so don’t worry about it yet.

the kitty knew it wasn't done and still went in!

Next, close the top of the entrance using some ch stitches and the first sc of Rnd 41.

Fasten off. Your cat probably won’t mind if there’s a little tail hanging inside.

After fastening off, reinforce the door by single-crocheting all around the entrance and then fastening off. To get started, stick your hook in a st somewhere from outside-in, draw up a loop, and ch 1, like at the start of a magic ring. At the corners, sc2tog instead of single crochet. pull really tight!