Tux the Linux Penguin

Thinking about trying out Rubber Duck Debugging? Well, how about yarn penguin debugging? =P

Tux likes computers

For this pattern, you will need

The pattern below uses American crochet terminology and abbreviations:

Head and Body

The head, body, and tail are worked in one piece. The tail is worked in rounds 29-34.

In black:

Pause here to stuff the penguin. He should be round, but not overstuffed. His bottom should be flat so that he won’t tip over. Weighted beads will help.

Fasten off and hide the tail.


The belly is a flat piece that gets stitched onto the body. Use turning chains between rows. Make the “chain” portion of the foundation single crochet stitches in the post of the nearest single crochet stitch.

In white:

Fasten off and leave a very long tail for sewing.

Wings (make two)

In black:

Fasten off and leave a tail for sewing.


Make two of the below triangles. Start one of them off with a long tail. This tail will be used for sewing the two pieces together into a beak and for sewing the beak onto the head. Use turning chains between rows.

In yellow-gold:

Feet (make two)

The feet are straightforward except for the toes. The toes are formed using what I’ll refer to as the treble-bobble in the below section, abbreviated as “tr-bobble”. The tr-bobble is fundamentally similar to the more common bobble stitch. Each tr-bobble in the instructions below is formed over two single crochet stitches. Each single crochet stitch will have two almost-completed treble crochet stitches. At the very last step, there should be five loops on your hook.

In yellow-gold:

Stop here to lightly stuff the feet. The feet should look mostly flat, just not pan flat. Then, press what you’ve got together so that the top of the feet have eight pairs of single crochet stitches together. Next, to make the toes, do each of the following stitches through two single crochet stitches.

After one toe, your piece should look like this picture:

foot with one completed toe

Fasten off by doing a slip stitch into the post of the outermost single crochet. It’ll probably be the only easy place to make one. Leave a long tail for sewing. At this point, your piece should look like:

incomplete foot with three toes

Then, stitch that row down and weave the tail through the stitches so that it comes out the center of the foot, like below:

a completed foot, ready for assembly


All pieces can be stitched onto the head and body using a yarn needle. Guidelines for positioning of the crocheted components are:

Finally, cut the eyes out of black and white felt. The pupils should be circles about 3/8 inches in diameter. The white part of the eyes should be cut so that it the bottoms are flush with the beak and the tops sit between rounds 7 and 8. Hot glue the eyes to the head.