Chibi Me! I’m a 20-something Asian-American grad student living in the Los Angeles area. I sort of look like that picture you see to your left. For the most part, I’m a grad student and a not-ver-fast nor very competitive cyclist. The rest of my time goes to hanging out with people and to random projects that I don’t take very seriously.

While growing up, I was fortunate and had the opportunity to try out tons of fun hobbies. My mom taught me to sew by hand and bought me crafting supplies to play with. An assistant teacher taught me basic knitting. As a teenager and a college student, I dabbled with making websites and blogging. My parents paid for tons of music lessons that helped me get into college, but unfortunately didn’t stick for long after that. And now, I enjoy doing random small projects in my spare time. Many of those involve playing with yarn.

And occasionally, I create something original that is just nice enough that I think is worth sharing with the Internet, so I decided to revive an old domain that I used to use as a blog to showcase those projects. I also post my solid, but not-original projects on Instagram, as a shout-out to my favorite pattern designers.


If you’ve got any questions, or would just like to chat, about anything on this site, you can reach me through one of the following below:

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